All Mineral Specimens

Mineral specimens in an amazing array of stones and shapes--for specimen or healing collections, or just to add a beautiful piece of nature to your home! If you're looking for something specific and don't see it, send us a message; we may have it at our location. We may also be able to find the perfect mineral on your list.
View all 8 planet set abundance Adelaide mine Afghanistan africa agate alaska Alberta Alice mine Alma almandine amazonite american american fossils american minerals american southwest amethyst amethyst crystal amethyst quartz ametrine ametrine quartz ammolite ammonite ammonite fossil ancestralite andalusite angelite apatite apophyllite aqua aquamarine aquamarine crystal aragonite arizona arrow head arrowhead artistic inspiration arusha region Astrophyllite atlantasite australia australian minerals azurite Balochistan banded agate banded iron formations barite beryl bicolored corundum BIFs bipyramidal black jade black nephrite black sapphire black star sapphire black tourmaline blacklight minerals bloodstone blue amazonite blue and green blue anhydrite blue apatite blue aquamarine blue beryl blue crystals blue crystals for jewelry blue fluorite blue gemstones blue goldstone blue lapis blue microcline blue minerals blue sapphire blue stones blue tourmaline book of stones books and decks bornite botryoidal boulder boyaca dept brandberg brandberg amethyst brandberg mountain brazil brazilian emerald Brazilian garnet brazilian tourmaline bright green brown goldstone brucite budai buddha carving buddha statue bumble bee jasper bumblebee stone bunker hill Burma butte mining district cabinet specimen calcite calm Canada carnelian cavansite cave calcite cave-in-rock celestine celestite chakras chalcedony chalcopyrite chevron amethyst chiastolite chihuahua china chinese fluorite chinese jade chinese minerals chino mine chrome tremolite chrysoprase citrine citrine quartz clear clear quartz clear quartz tumbled clinochlore clinochlore quartz cluster colombia colombian emeralds colorado colorado aquamarine colorado minerals Colorado pyrite Colorado rhodochrosite commander mine conch shell copper copper crystals cordierite corundum courage covellite crazy lace agate crazy lace agate tumbled cream moonstone creativity cripple creek crocidolite Crocoite cross stone crown chakra crystal balls crystal book crystal cabinet specimen crystal cluster crystal collection crystal gifts crystal grid crystal gridding crystal hand specimen crystal information crystal planets crystal skull crystals crystals for sale cubes cubic crystals Dalmatian jasper Dalmatian stone daoping mine Daylight fluorescent Daylight fluorescent fluorite Daylight UV dendritic copper desert rose desert rose stone diamond crystal diamond specimen Diana maria Fluorite divine feminine dodecahedron Dogtooth calcite dolomite dragon blood jasper Dravite Dravite tourmaline drum mountains druse druzy dumortierite dunolly earth element el loro el loro boulder elbaite elbaite tourmaline elephant elephant carving elimia shells elmwood mine emerald emerald crystals emotional healing empathy enhanced epidote erongo erongo region etched garnet ethiopian opal eudialyte exposed crystals skull faceted fairy crosses fertility fertility amulet fire element fluor-buergerite fluorapatite fluorapophyllite fluorescent calcite fluorite fluorite octahedron fluorite on quartz aft. laumontite fool's gold fools gold fossil fossil display specimen fossil Pearl fossil shell fossil stone fossilized fossils frosterley fun crystal gifts for kids future buddha galena ganesha garnet garnet gem gaspeite gemstone book gemstone heart gemstone reference gemstone spheres gemstone spheres for space gemstones gentleness geode geode half geode slice geology gifts goboboseb god of wisdom goddess goethite gold gold from australia gold nugget golden apatite golden barite golden beryl golden tiger eye golden yellow goldstone good luck grape grape agate graphic green amazonite green apatite green apophyllite green aquamarine green beryl green calcite green chalcedony green crystals green crystals for jewelry green epidote green fluorite green garnet green garnet crystals green goldstone green jade green minerals green monster mine green river formation greenstone grey grey moonstone grossular garnet growth gypsum gypsum rose handcarved happiness healing crystals healing gems healing properties heart chakra heartbeat amethyst heated citrine heliodor heliodor crystal heliotrope helpful habits hematine hematite hematite crystal hematite rose hemimorphite hexagonal crystal Hidden forest Hidden forest pocket higher mind hindu hippie hotei Howlite hypersthene ice blue Idaho iguana iguana carving illinois imperial jade india indian rubies indicolite indonesia insight intuition iolite iridescent iron minerals iron pyrite jadeite jasper java jewelry supply Jianshan mine john saul mine kangayam kaokoveld plateau karibib karibib district karma kenya kerrouchene khibiny knapped arrowhead kola peninsula kundalini kundalini channel lab created hematite lapis lazuli laughing buddha laumontite lemon chrysoprase lepidolite lifelike animal carving lime green lizard lizard statue loose turquoise lord ganesha Los Lamentos love stones magnesite magnetic hematine magnetic hematite Mahenge mahogany obsidian mahogany obsidian tumbled malachite mandalay manganese mines manganocalcite manifestation marahashtra martite massive matrix rock meditation merchant's stone merelani hills mesa county metallic minerals metaphysical mexican agate mexico mexquitic mibladen mica microcline Midelt minas gerais mineral information mineral rock decor mineral specimens minerals minerals for sale minerals of china minerals of Tsumeb miniature specimen Missouri Missouri minerals modern repro mogok montana moon moonstone moroccan minerals morocco mount edwards mine mounted specimen Myanmar namibia namibian amethyst Namibian minerals narmada river narmadeshvara lingam native copper natural natural crystal natural crystals for jewelry natural diamond natural fossilized material natural fossils natural opal natural stones natural sugilite nature gifts navegadora nephrite jade new mexico nickel rich magnesite nickeloan magnesite non native american northern cape obsidian octahedral crystal octahedron opal orange calcite Orpiment ouro preto painterly pakistan paprok park county peace peach moonstone peacock peacock ore peacock rock peru pink Apophyllite pink conch shell pink fluorapophyllite pink mangano calcite pink quartz pocket book of stones pocket piece pocket pieces polished polished heart polished shape polished shapes poona district positive patterns prehnite prince of wales protection psychic stones pune purification purple purple amethyst purple chalcedony purple crystals purple crystals for jewelry purple fluorite purple mica purple quartz purple rocks pyrite pyrite statue pyromorphite pyromorphite crystals quartz quartz crystal que phong district queen conch rainbow rainforest jasper rainforest rhyolite rare rare crystals rare minerals ratnapura raw chunk raw crystals raw sapphire raw stones red cloud mine red cloud wulfenite red garnet red obsidian red ruby red spinel release of negative habits remover of obstacles rhodo rhodochrosite robert simmons rock collection rock crystal rockland mine rocks rocks and minerals rogerley fluorite rogerley mine root chakra rose rose quartz rose quartz heart ruby ruby crystal ruby crystals ruby in matrix russia sapo mine sapphire crystal sapphire raw crystals for jewelry scalenohedral scepter scepter quartz schorl science gifts scientific specimen semi polished serenity serpentine shattuckite shell beads shells shiva shiva lingam Siberia single crystal skardu sleeping beauty turquoise smoky smoky amethyst snowville solar plexus chakra solar system crystal spheres solar system set south africa space crystals space gifts special care spessartine garnet sphalerite sphalerite cluster spinel spiritual guides sri lanka stalactite star sapphire staurolite staurolite crystals stichtite stichtite and serpentine stilbite stone arrow head stone art stone carving stone skull stone statue stones stones for dreaming stones for psychic power sugilite sugilite specimen sweet home mine Sweetwater mine Tabasco Tabasco geodes tanzania Tanzanian crystals tanzanite tanzanite raw crystals tasmania teller county tennessee third eye throat chakra thumbnail specimen thumbnail specimen a-g thumbnail specimen h-n thumbnail specimen O-T thumbnail specimen u-z tiger's eye tourmaline tourmaline group toxic beauty tremolite tremolite crystal tsavorite tsavorite garnet Tsumeb Tsumeb mine tumbled amazonite tumbled amethyst tumbled ametrine tumbled ammonite tumbled ancestralite tumbled andalusite tumbled apatite tumbled aquamarine tumbled aragonite tumbled atlantasite tumbled black jade tumbled bloodstone tumbled blue apatite tumbled blue aquamarine tumbled blue goldstone tumbled brown goldstone tumbled bumble bee jasper tumbled celestine tumbled celestite tumbled chalcopyrite tumbled chevron amethyst tumbled chinese jade tumbled chrysoprase tumbled Dalmatian jasper tumbled dragon blood jasper tumbled dumortierite tumbled emerald tumbled eudialyte tumbled fluorite tumbled garnet tumbled goldstone tumbled green apatite tumbled green goldstone tumbled green jade tumbled heartbeat amethyst tumbled hematite tumbled howlite tumbled iolite tumbled jade tumbled magnetic hematite tumbled orange calcite tumbled pyrite tumbled ruby in matrix tumbled stones turquoise turquoise for jewelry turritella agate turritella jasper UK ukraine ultraviolet unaweep canyon united kingdom unpolished unpolished rocks usa utah uvarovite uvarovite garnet vanadinite variquoise variscite viburnum trend victoria vietnam vitality water element water sapphire wealth Weardale Weardale fluorite welo opal wenshan wessels mine wholeness will wind element wirewrapping wirewrapping supply wulfenite wulfenite cluster wyoming xianghuapu mine yaogangxian yaogangxian mine yellow apatite yellow brucite yellow crystals yellow green yellow minerals yellow stone Zacatecas zeolite minerals
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