Jewelry: Sterling Silver Necklaces & Sets

Artisan made sterling silver necklaces and sets, featuring natural gemstones, in styles and colors to flatter every personal style! Also check out our sterling chains, earrings, rings, and much more.
View all adularia amethyst amethyst beads amethyst necklace april birthstone august birthstone banded birthstone jewelry black beaded necklace black onyx black onyx jewelry black onyx necklace blue beaded necklace boho bright green cancer style carbonate chrysocolla chrysocolla jewelry chrysocolla necklace contemporary copper created opal crown chakra crystal necklace dreams el loro el loro boulder faceted labradorite faceted strand fall style february birthstone garnet beads garnet jewelry garnet necklace gemstone jewelry gilson opal gilson opal earrings gilson opal necklace goddess green beaded necklace handmade jewelry healing crystals healing gems herkimer diamond quartz herkimer diamond quartz jewelry herkimer diamonds hippie january birthstone jewelry shop july birthstone june birthstone laboratory created labradorite labradorite jewelry labradorite necklace leo style magick malachite malachite necklace modern moonstone jewelry moonstone necklace naja native american natural amethyst natural stones nature gifts navajo necklace ocean goddess onyx opalescence opals open setting pendant peridot beads peridot faceted strand peridot necklace pink and red beaded necklace polished protection purple amethyst purple beaded necklace purple quartz rainbow moonstone rainbow opal red beaded necklace ritual rocks and minerals ruby faceted strand ruby necklace ruby strand science gifts showpiece signature piece simple opal necklace sleeping beauty sleeping beauty turquoise spring style squash blossom steling silver necklace sterling silver sterling silver necklace sterling silver pendant stones summer style synthetic opal turquoise variegated ruby beads winter style your style