Minerals: Thumbnails--O-T

Thumbnail specimens are the ideal place to start a new collection, or elevate an existing collection to new heights. Mounted in a perky box with locality info, these tiny treasures are the perfect addition to specimen, healing, and jewelry supply collections. Mineral Names beginning with O-T can be found here.
View all Afghanistan Alma American fossils american minerals american southwest arizona bicolored corundum bipyramidal black sapphire black star sapphire black tourmaline blue minerals blue sapphire bunker hill Burma china chinese minerals chrome tremolite Colorado Colorado rhodochrosite commander mine copper crystal gridding crystals daoping mine delta Dravite Dravite tourmaline elbaite elbaite tourmaline erongo region fairy crosses feldspar fluorite fossils gemstones geode half geode slice golden topaz golden yellow green crystals healing crystals hexagonal crystal Idaho india indian rubies jewelry supply john saul mine kangayam kaokoveld plateau karibib kenya kola peninsula loose turquoise Mahenge malachite mandalay manganese mines merelani hills Mexico mineral specimens minerals minerals of china mogok Myanmar namibia natural sugilite nevada northern cape octahedral crystal octahedron Orpiment Pakistan paprok plumbogummite prehnite pseudomorph purple crystals purple crystals for jewelry pyrite pyromorphite pyromorphite crystals quartz ratnapura raw crystal raw sapphire red spinel rhodo rhodochrosite rockland mine rocks and minerals ruby ruby crystal russia sapphire crystal sapphire raw crystals for jewelry scalenohedral schorl scientific specimen shattuckite skardu sleeping beauty turquoise south africa special care spinel sri lanka star sapphire staurolite staurolite crystals sugilite sugilite specimen sulfur sunstone sunstone specimen sweet home mine Tabasco Tabasco geodes tanzania Tanzanian crystals tanzanite tanzanite raw crystals thomas range thumbnail specimen thumbnail specimen O-T topaz topaz crystal tourmaline toxic beauty tremolite tremolite crystal trilobite trilobite fossil trilobite quarry Utah turquoise turquoise for jewelry usa utah wessels mine wirewrapping supply yangshuo yaogangxian yellow crystals yellow minerals Zacatecas
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