Minerals: Thumbnails--A-G

Thumbnail specimens are the ideal place to start a new collection, or elevate an existing collection to new heights. Mounted in a perky box with locality info, these tiny treasures are the perfect addition to specimen, healing, and jewelry supply collections. Mineral Names beginning with A-G can be found here.

View all Adelaide mine africa Alberta american minerals amethyst amethyst crystal ammolite Ammonite aqua aquamarine aquamarine crystal arusha region Astrophyllite australia australian minerals azurite Balochistan black tourmaline blue and green blue beryl blue fluorite blue minerals boulder opal boulder opal specimen boyaca dept brandberg brazil brazilian amethyst Brazilian garnet bright green brucite buick mine butte mining district calcite Canada cavansite china chinese fluorite chino mine clinochlore clinochlore quartz colombia colombian emeralds colorado colorado minerals copper copper crystals covellite cripple creek Crocoite crystal cluster crystal gridding crystals diamond crystal diamond specimen Dogtooth calcite druzy dunolly durango emerald emerald crystals erongo erongo region etched garnet ethiopian opal fluor-buergerite fluorapatite fluorapatite crystal fluorapophyllite fluorite fluorite on quartz aft. laumontite fossil Pearl frosterley galena garnet gaspeite gemstones goboboseb gold gold from australia gold nugget green apatite green fluorite green garnet green garnet crystals green minerals grossular garnet healing crystals heart chakra hope india jewelry supply karibib karibib district kerrouchene khibiny laumontite malachite marahashtra matrix mesa county metallic minerals mexico mexquitic minas gerais mineral specimens minerals missouri montana morocco mount edwards mine namibia namibian amethyst native copper natural crystal natural crystals for jewelry natural diamond natural fossilized material natural opal nature gifts navegadora new mexico opal optimism pakistan piedra parada pink Apophyllite pink fluorapophyllite precious opal pune purple fluorite quartz que phong district queensland rainbow rare rare minerals rocks and minerals rogerley fluorite rogerley mine russia sapo mine schorl scientific specimen Siberia skardu southern province spessartine garnet tanzania Tasmania teller county third eye chakra thumbnail specimen thumbnail specimen a-g tourmaline group tsavorite tsavorite garnet UK unaweep canyon united kingdom usa uvarovite uvarovite garnet vera cruz veracruz victoria vietnam welo opal wirewrapping supply xianghuapu mine yaogangxian yaogangxian mine yellow apatite yellow brucite yellow crystals yellow minerals zambia zeolite minerals
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