This Month’s Birthstones

JUNE BIRTHSTONES: Divine Feminine Gems Moonstone & Pearl, and rare Alexandrite! 

June babies have an exceptional trio of gems to choose from: the birthstones for June are moonstone, pearl, and alexandrite! (Alexandrite is one of the rarest gems in the world—we do have some raw minis that we will feature in a later post). Moonstone is the ethereal beauty of the feldspar group, known for its multicolored and blue glow (adularescence). The moonstone is associated with intuition, insight, and protection. This feminine gem is one of our specialties, so you’ll find a huge selection of jewelry and loose specimens! 🌙 Pearl is a unique organic gem; the vast majority of pearls on today’s market are cultured. Our pearls are freshwater cultured, which means they grow more quickly and in a wider variety of shapes, giving you more options for contemporary styles versus traditional pearls. The pearl is associated with feminine energy and purity. Stop by the shop to see our wide selection of June birthstone jewelry and specimens! 🌙

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