Moonstone Faceted Gemstone Bead Double Strand Sterling Silver Necklace by Josephine Grasso

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*Moonstone--the alternate birthstone for June*

This is a beautiful double strand moonstone faceted strand necklace! It is one of our signature faceted collection, which are made in-house by jewelry artist Josephine Grasso. This pure white faceted beaded necklace displays a little shine from the faceting, and also features sterling silver bar and loop clasp findings. The freshest way to wear these strands is to pair it with a complementary pendant, for a put-together look. Contact us if you would like help putting a set together!

Dimensions: 3mm faceted beads. 17.5" long, 2 connected strands.


*Faceted Collection--our beaded bracelets and necklace strands are beaded by our in-house jewelry artist Josephine Grasso. They are strung on 49-strand American tiger tail (steel core beading wire with nylon outer), with sterling silver findings. Contact us if you are in search of a custom size or stone, and we will make it if possible.



PHYSICAL: Moonstone is a feldspar variety of orthoclase or oligoclase, and sometimes a combination. The rainbow variety, Adularia, displays bright blue flashes on a white background.

HEALING: Moonstone is associated with feminine energy, intuition, insight, and protection during travels.


Care for gemstones in sterling silver jewelry: 

As with all natural stones set in silver, these jewelry pieces should be removed when taking a shower, swimming, or entering a hot springs. Water (especially hot water) can damage natural materials and even cause settings to fail. This is especially true with gemstone rings!

*Though many gems and minerals have historical and cultural associations with healing properties, these items are sold for wear in jewelry, display, study, and collector interest only.