Moonstone (1) Unpolished Cream Peach or Grey Raw Chunk

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This is one piece of Moonstone, a feldspar variety! Though the most popular form of moonstone used for healing purposes is Rainbow (Adularia), this is the "common" Moonstone, which occurs in soft shades of cream, peach, and grey. This type of moonstone displays a soft sheen of light, which may have a velvety or moonlight-like quality. It has not been tumbled smooth and is unpolished on all sides, making it the perfect size for a palm, shelf, or pouch. These stones would also make a perfect addition to a crystal grid.


One piece will be intuitively chosen from our selection of available raw stones. Sizes and colors will vary, as well as inclusions and surface features. Raw chunks are completely uncut and unpolished; unless listed in description, stones are completely natural and untreated. 



PHYSICAL: Moonstone is part of the feldspar group, a group of minerals which also includes Labradorite, Amazonite, Sunstone, and more. It occurs around the world, but a major source is India. Moonstone can occur in these creamy or peachy tones (shown in this listing), or white shades with blue flashes of light (see our Adularia Rainbow Moonstone listing.)

METAPHYSICAL/CULTURAL: Moonstone is associated with feminine energy and intuition, and was worn by the priestesses of Avalon. Moonstone is also believed to help protect women during travel, and guide them through inner journeys as well as physical journeys.


 *Though many gems and minerals have historical and cultural associations with healing properties, these items are sold for display, study, and collector interest only. We encourage you to do research and draw your own conclusions on this topic!