Fluorite Purple Cubic Crystals XL Cabinet Unpolished Crystal Cluster Cave-in-Rock Illinois USA

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This is a classic American specimen--a large "plate" of purple fluorite cubic crystals, from the venerable Cave-in-Rock District of Illinois, USA. It has exceptionally rich and dark color, a uniform shade of purple throughout the entire large cluster. Cubic crystals display etched, digital-looking faces with darker zones, with some edges of translucence at the corners. This cluster would be equally beautiful displayed flat as shown, or upright on a stand.

Cave-in-Rock is a famous fluorite source in Illinois, USA. It is part of the Kentucky and Illinois Fluorspar district, which has yielded some of the world's best fluorite specimens. Virtually every fluorite collection of note will contain a specimen from this area. Fluorite is a halide mineral that commonly occurs with pyrite, calcite, quartz, and other associated minerals.

*NOTE: Fluorite should not be displayed for prolonged periods in sunlight, as its color can fade.


Locality: Cave-in-Rock District, Illinois, USA.

Dimensions: 7.00" x 5.25" x 3.0" (182mm x 137mm x 78mm)

Weight: 1488 grams (52.5 oz, 3.28 lbs.)




Fluorite--the "psychic vacuum cleaner", Fluorite is associated with clarity of perception, mental acuity, focus, and clearing negativity. Purple fluorite is connected to the crown chakra, and is thought to aid in connection to the higher mind and spirit guides.


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