November's Birthstones: The Golden Girls! Imperial Topaz & Citrine

November's birthstones have a personality as warm and welcoming as the autumn season itself. The primary birthstone for November is Imperial Topaz, a warm gold to champagne pink variety of Topaz. The alternative is the more affordable and widely available Citrine, the golden Quartz variety. Citrine is frequently found in a heat-treated form, but more rarely may be found in a natural and unheated form; make sure you know which you're purchasing!

Imperial Topaz is the rarest color of the topaz family, and has been widely valued in modern times and antiquity. There are prominent deposits in Brazil, including the famous Ouro Preto deposits, Utah in the USA, Russia, new deposits in Zambia, and more. It is an uncommon and beautiful gem valued both for its beauty and durability. Topaz is an 8  on Mohs' hardness scale, making it harder than quartz but softer than corundum (sapphire group). This is near the top end of the hardness scale, and gems cut from topaz are both resistant to scratching and to chipping, making them ideal for jewelry! It has been valued since ancient times, and is often associated with royalty, manifestation, will, and longevity.

Citrine is the golden Quartz variety, and has found a true footing in the gem and mineral industry in modern times, with the discovery of several incredible new localities. This includes the "Kundalini Quartz" pineapple quartz specimens from Lueni mine, DRC, and the beautiful prismatic crystals from Minas Gerais, Brazil and Nigeria. There have been limited finds aside from these around the world, but it remains a difficult mineral to find, as most Citrine is heat-treated Amethyst. Although heat treatment does not damage the durability of the stone, it should be disclosed properly by reputable salespeople--heat-treated amethyst is viewed differently for both value and metaphysical properties, but can result in beautiful loose clusters and faceted gems. Citrine is associated with manifestation and money-drawing; it has, in fact, been nicknamed the "merchant's stone"! Citrine is associated with the fire element and the solar plexus chakra, and is also connected to creativity and personal willpower.

Explore these beautiful "Golden Girls", and find yourself a beautiful golden gem to bring in the warm season of falling leaves, fireplaces, cozy slippers, and holiday fun!