Peruvian Blue Opal Bright Blue Gem Sterling Silver Pendant

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This is a fantastic large-size sterling silver Peruvian Blue Opal pendant! This particular piece is a rich blue shade, and features a unique, freeform, organic shape. (All pendants are sold separately—you may purchase a chain in Sterling Silver Chains, and contact us to see more of our Opal Jewelry collections.)

Peruvian blue opal is a unique material which comes from the Andes Mountains in Peru. It is the national stone of Peru. Peruvian blue opal should be kept out of water and away from heat, as these factors may damage the stone and cause it to lose its brilliant color.

Locality: Peru

Dimensions: 1.63" x 0.75" x 0.19" (42mm x 19mm x 5mm)

 Keywords: Calm, inner peace--in Peru,  it is believed to be given to the wearer by Pachamama, the Inca goddess of abundance and this culture's interpretation of Mother Earth.

Chakra: Throat (5), Third Eye (6)

Element: Wind

Care for gemstones in sterling silver jewelry: 

As with all natural stones set in silver, these jewelry pieces should be removed when taking a shower, swimming, or entering a hot springs. Water (especially hot water) can damage natural materials and even cause settings to fail. This is especially true with gemstone rings!

*Though many gems and minerals have historical and cultural associations with healing properties, these items are sold for wear in jewelry, display, study, and collector interest only.