Nag Champa Satya Sai Baba Indian Style Incense

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Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Incense sticks--one of our most popular incense styles! Our Nag Champa is authentic--give it a try and see why this is the most popular incense in the world.

Indian style incense, in particular the world-renowned Nag Champa, is some of the most popular hand-rolled incense in the world! Nag Champa is a heady, rich floral scent based off of the fragrant Champaca flower (Magnolia Champaca tree), which is grown as sacred plant in India and elsewhere in Asia. If you have burned incense, it's almost a guarantee that you will recognize and remember the perfume of this legendary incense! Indian style sticks are hand-rolled from powder with a small stick as a base, and burn for approximately 45 minutes each.

We have two sizes: a small box (15 grams), with approximately __ sticks, and the larger size is 40 grams, with approximately ___ sticks. Choose the appropriate size for your incense burning needs! If you prefer a lighter, faster burning incense, check out our Japanese style Incense Section.

*Incense, Sage, Palo Santo, sweetgrass, and candles should never be left burning unattended. Please contact us with questions about appropriate holders and burners for each item, and never burn in a flammable or paper-based burner. Completely put out all flames, embers, and coals when finished burning.