CUSTOM UPGRADE LISTING—Aquamarine Schorl Erongo Namibia

CUSTOM UPGRADE LISTING—Aquamarine Schorl Erongo Namibia

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This softly shaded little beauty is ice blue aquamarine crystals on a mixed matrix of white microcline feldspar and black tourmaline (schorl) . This distinctive combination is a classic mineral specimen from Erongo region, Namibia. This cluster is unique and aesthetic from all angles, with a slightly frosted look on the aqua crystals and a high level of luster overall. An ideal and efficient addition to any mineral collection!


Locality: Erongo Mtn., Erongo region, Namibia.--

FORMATION: Aquamarine is the blue-green variety of Beryl--a gemstone family that also includes Emerald, Morganite, Bixbite, and the colorless Goshenite. Aquamarine forms in the hexagonal system, and forms crystals of varying clarity in prismatic and tabular shapes. It has a hardness of 7.5-8, which allows it to be faceted into beautiful and durable gemstones. (It is also our home state Colorado's state gem!). Schorl is the black, iron-rich variety of Tourmaline; it is always black, and forms throughout the world—Erongo region produces some of the world’s finest aquamarine, schorl, fluorite, and topaz specimens.

HEALING: Aquamarine has been used for healing purposes far back into was originally associated with mermaids' treasure, was worn by sailors as a talisman while at sea. Today it is thought to enhance communication, courage, and peace. It is often used to cool and calm, and is the modern birthstone for March. Black tourmaline is associated with grounding, protection, and purification.



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