CUSTOM: Lot of 4 Blue Apatite Thumbnail Specimens (Bahia, Brazil)

CUSTOM: Lot of 4 Blue Apatite Thumbnail Specimens (Bahia, Brazil)

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~This is a CUSTOM listing for 4 specimens. Please do not purchase this listing if you haven’t contacted us first.~

*This is a very small miniature, known as a thumbnail specimen. Please examine scale photo and consider dimensions carefully.* Thumbnail specimens are mounted in small display boxes known as perky boxes, and contain locality information. They are designed so that they are ready for display, or may be unmounted for any use including jewelry supply. An ideal and efficient tiny treasure, for any collection!


Mineral Name: Blue Apatite (Fluorapatite)

Locality: Ipira Complex, Bahia, Brazil.

Dimensions: 0.77" x 0.38" (20mm x 10mm)

Characteristics of this specimen: Dark, rich blue natural color on this apatite crystal, with termination present.

Care Notes:


Healing Keywords: Blue apatite balances kundalini channel, and is especially connected to throat and third eye chakras. It is connected to dreams and inner journeys.


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