Amethyst Pale Lilac Crystals Golden Geothite Inclusions Flower Cabinet Unpolished Crystal Cluster Minas Gerais Brazil

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This is an attractive and unusual specimen: a very large "flower" of palest lilac purple amethyst, with heavily included terminations. The inclusions are golden goethite (iron oxide), which give it a richly detailed and glowing golden appearance. (This mineral is sometimes erroneously listed as cacoxenite--the Mineral Reference section will soon contain an article on this issue.) The cluster has a rounded overall shape, with spiky crystals and a sharp presence. A nearly 5 pound, substantial yet beautifully composed specimen from one of the world's most prominent amethyst localities!

Minas Gerais, Brazil, is perhaps the world's most abundant locality for quartz varieties. It is known worldwide for its many deposits of amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, smoky quartz, and more. Brazilian specimens can vary greatly in size, color, and specimen composition.

*NOTE: Amethyst should not be displayed for prolonged periods in sunlight, as its color can fade.


Locality: Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Dimensions: 6.50" x 5.0" x 5.25" (169mm x 130mm x 137mm)

Weight: 2200 grams (77.7 oz, 4.85 lbs.)



Amethyst--the purple quartz variety. Amethyst is associated with the crown chakra, with spiritual guidance and higher self. Amethyst is thought to protect and purify, while supporting dreams. It is also believed to aid one in releasing negative habits and attachments.


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