Ceramic Turtle Ash Catcher Incense Burner-Green (Suitable for Japanese & Indian Incense)

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This ceramic incense burner is ideal for use with our Japanese style incense sticks, and can be used for Indian Incense sticks also! It is a turtle on a lily pad, and has been painted a soft mossy green shade. This burner is also available in other colors--if you do not see them listed, contact us to what other options we may have available. (incense stick not included). Check out our Japanese and Indian Style Incense sections to find incense to use with this burner!

Dimensions: 4.00" x 3.00"


*Note: We recommend against getting ceramic burners wet. The best method for cleaning is simply to brush ashes or dust off the burner after use.

See our Incense section for incense styles that are perfect for this type of burner!