Aquamarine Beryl Black Tourmaline Schorl Cabinet Unpolished Crystal Cluster Erongo Namibia

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This is a beautiful cluster of aquamarine (blue beryl) crystals, and slim black tourmaline (schorl) crystals, from Erongo Region, Namibia. This cluster is a large cabinet cluster from a desirable region, and would enhance any collection! The pale, icy blue aquamarine crystals contrast beautifully with the deep black tourmalin. The crystals has grown atop a white feldspar matrix, giving this cluster additional color and structural contrast. Delicate and rare!

The Erongo region of Namibia is a very well-known modern locality for high-quality beryl, tourmaline, fluorite, and other related minerals. They often form aesthetic combination specimens with a distinctive look.


Locality: Erongo region, Namibia.

Dimensions: 5.0" x 4.0" x 3.5" (130mm x 104mm x 91mm)

Weight: 556 grams (19.6 oz, 1.23 lbs.)



Aquamarine--cooling, calming, courage, self-expression. Aquamarine was originally worn as a protective talisman during sea travel. (It is also Colorado's state gem!)

Black Tourmaline--grounding, protection, purification, transmutation of negative energy.


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