Ammonite Inlaid Ammolite Rainbow Fire Fossil Slice Sterling Silver Pendant

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This is a striking Ammonite slice with inlaid Ammolite sections, set in a sterling silver pendant! The pendant is sold alone; chains may be purchased separately in the Sterling Silver Chain section. Contact us to see our other Ammonite fossil earrings, necklaces, and rings, many that are not listed here.

Ammolite is a rare material that most commonly forms in northern Canada, but may also form in Colorado and elsewhere; it is a highly valued natural material that requires delicate care. Ammonite fossils such as this one are the remains of aquatic predators, found in Madagascar. Although these materials do form together in nature, in this case, the ammolite has been painstakingly inlaid by hand into many of the tiny cavities in the ammonite's structure.

Locality: Madagascar (Ammonite fossil), northern Canada (ammolite).
Dimensions: 1.63” x 0.88” x 0.25” (42mm x 23mm x 7mm)

Note: Although it is common to see this material listed as "opalized", it is NOT opal. Ammolite is much more similar to the outer layers of a pearl: prismatic aragonite layers bonded together by organic binding proteins.
KEYWORDS: Seeing the big picture, slow and steady personal growth, and sacred geometry. Enhanced wisdom, balanced chi, increased wealth.

Care for gemstones in sterling silver jewelry: 

As with all natural stones set in silver, these jewelry pieces should be removed when taking a shower, swimming, or entering a hot springs. Water (especially hot water) can damage natural materials and even cause settings to fail. This is especially true with gemstone rings!

*Though many gems and minerals have historical and cultural associations with healing properties, these items are sold for wear in jewelry, display, study, and collector interest only.