Mammoth Tooth Fluorescent Polished Face Raw Fossil Mineral Specimen

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This is a truly unique specimen for your collection: a fossilized mammoth tooth section! This large and graphic specimen combines raw textures with a polished face; the three dimensional textures of the tooth itself are so distinctive. The tooth self-stands from different angles, and slopes slightly at an angle. The tooth has been replaced by carbonate components, causing it to fluoresce under blacklight! This ridged molar has also been stabilized with resin, to give the patterns revealed in the polished cross-section a smooth polish, and higher durability. This fantastic fossil will enhance any fossil or mineral collection!

Mammoths roamed the earth during the Pliocene epoch (about 2 million years ago), until the Holocene age (most died about 10,000 years ago). Mammoths were members of the genus Mammuthus--bigger and heavier than their predecessors (Mastodons), with more similarities to modern elephants. Ridged molars like these helped them cut through vegetation, as remain as fossilized evidence of this megafauna today.


Locality: Unknown--common sources of mammoth teeth include Siberia and North America, including California's La Brea tar pits.

Dimensions: 4.38" x 3.50" x 3.38" (114mm x 91mm x 88mm)

Weight: 521.7 g (18.4 oz, 1.15 lbs)


Fossils are connected to deep natural connection, earth element, and seeing the big picture. Fossils are also connected to slow and steady personal growth, and inner work.


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